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The Spokane Bicycle Club (SBC) has purchased four Garmin ‘inReach SE’ satellite communications

devices for membership use during club sponsored tour rides. For general overview information and

device specifications visit:    https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/561286

More specific information regarding the capabilities and operations of these devices may be found in

the Owner’s Manual and Quick Reference Guide:


SBC’s primary intent for the use of these units is to provide a means of initiating emergency rescue

services for off-road, remote, or hard to reach locations where cell phone or other types of

communications may be unavailable or unreliable. While limited text-type communications (SMS) is

possible between activated devices, it is limited and much slower than cell phone texting. Training by

SBC personnel is required prior to the use of these devices – improper use may nullify their effectiveness or initiate unintended or unwarranted (and perhaps, very expensive) emergency procedures.


Emergency Services: Each device is provided with a guarded ‘SOS’ button capable of triggering a satellite distress signal. These devices are also capable of receiving a SOS distress signal confirmation and of maintaining a 2-way text conversation with a GEOS emergency monitoring center. This service is available on active devices 24/7 to assist with an emergency * . After activation of the SOS emergency signal, GEOS personnel will track your location and notify the most appropriate emergency response for your situation and location. This may be as simple as notifying a local ambulance, or as complex as initiating flight rescue services. GEOS personnel stay in communication with you until your situation is resolved.

*  Devices may be ‘activated’ or ‘deactivated’. SBC’s current policy is to activate their devices for a 3- month period during the summer (only); devices are deactivated for the off season to save operating costs.

Personal Insurance Memberships:  Because emergency services can be very expensive, GEOS offers

various travel safety membership (insurance) plans for both Search and Rescue (SAR) and Medivac

services. SBC members may purchase various personal coverages at their own expense (NOTE: These services are independent of the Spokane Bicycle Club).

myGEOS (my-geos.com)

then select 'PLANS'

NOTE:  GEOS travel safety plans are tied to SBC’s specific emergency communication devices; data

specific to SBC’s devices must be added to the member’s account at the time of registration.

For more information, please contact SBC member Garry Kehr  (509) 990-1474.

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