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Get on board the SBC “Wallace Blues Festival” tour July 12 to 15.  Choose from one of two starting points on the beautiful “Trail of the Coeur D’ Alenes” to Wallace, depending on your mileage preference: 

1) Start at Plummer if you have more “mileage desire” (65 miles to Wallace) or,

2) Start from the Bull Run milepost near Rose Lake (31 miles to Wallace).

Tour leaders will transport you to your starting point (unless you want to leave a car), then transport your luggage, camping equipment, etc. to Wallace.

Accommodations in Wallace vary.  SBC has secured camping accommodations with bathroom facilities near the Wallace Visitor's Center - showers are available a short ride away.  Or, choose to provide your own accommodations in the Wallace area.  Note: This is a very popular event and lodging is limited.

SBC has secured private dining accommodations at the 1313 Club for dinners Friday and Saturday nights (included in the registration fee). The rest of your meals are on your own and not included in the price of the tour.

Other interests in the Wallace area, when attending the music festival, include: The Mining Heritage Exhibition, the Northern Pacific RR Museum, the Oasis Bordello Museum (don’t blush), the Pulaski Tunnel Trail, Route of the Hiawatha, Sierra Silver Mine Tour, Silver Streak Zipline Tours, the Wallace District Mining Museum.

The Option 1 “Camping” ($60) cost of the tour includes rider, bicycle and luggage transportation to the starting points and camping area, overnight camping for two nights (13th and 14th), and dinners for two on the same nights (which includes the tip).

The Option 2 “Motels/AirBnB etc” ($60) provides the same benefits as Option 1 with the difference being you are not camping but are responsible for your own sleeping accommodations and related costs. It might take some searching (Kellogg is only 11 miles away).

Option 3 “On Your Own” ($60) allows for riders to take their own cars, but to join us at the dinners, ride towards us from Wallace (optional) and to join us in other SBC activities.

The cost of the Blues Festival ticket ($40) is not included and can be secured once you arrive (officials have told us there are plenty of tickets).

Registration deadline is July 1. No refunds will be given after this date. If we don’t meet the minimum the tour will be canceled and refunds will be given.

If you have signed up and the tour is cancelled, you are still welcomed to join Scott and friends for a great weekend of camping and activities.

Refer to the Registration process under the Upcoming Events tab for more information.

( past tours )


A group of 12 Spokane Bicycle members took a 4 day loop tour starting in Nelson, BC from October 2nd thru October 6. The members of the group included: Scott Schell, Amina and Barry Giles, Dud Bowers, Mary Rosner, Mike Darrah, Gloria Castellow, Lila Meglio, Jeff MacLennan, Katie Jones, Barbara and John Beaton.

The purpose of the trip was to take a leisurely ride through beautiful country and enjoy the autumn colors. Some of you in the club have done this ride in the past – it is 140 mile loop called the PAGE (Pedal Around the Glacier -Eh) ride and is done in two days rather than 4. We had a sag car that carried our luggage (and some riders at times) to the 3 stops that we made on our way. We stayed at hotels, Air BnBs and cottages at the three different stops. Thanks to Scott, John, Barry and Mike who took turns driving the sag car – very much appreciated!

   Here is the link for more pictures

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