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General Meeting

Mountain Gear Headquarters

6021 E. Mansfield Rd

Spokane, WA

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Monday September 9th, 2019

6:30 P.M

Life in the Bike Lane; Memoir of a Transcontinental Cyclist

free presentation at REI - Spokane

Thursday July 18th, 2019  7pm - 8pm

Paul Vielle is a Spokane local who rode across the US in 1987 from Lincoln City, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia. He will recount memories and read excerpts from the book he wrote about his journey as well as help to answer questions about how he prepared and trained for the trip.  

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Tour de France - 2019

news, rankings, photos & videos from the famous annual race

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Wallace Blues Festival Tour

- cancelled -

Another great tour has been added to the SBC tour schedule this summer.

Get on board the SBC “Wallace Blues Festival” tour July 12 to 14. 

Choose from one of two starting points on the beautiful, “Trail of the Coeur D Alenes” to Wallace, depending on your mileage preference.  Tour leaders will transport you and your gear to start at Plummer if you have more “mileage desire” (65 miles to Wallace). If you have less "mileage desire," you can be  transported to the Bull Run milepost near Rose Lake (31 miles to Wallace).

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How To Be Safe On Your First Cycling Tour

an article by Jeff Aldaine - Illumiseen.com

With the increasing enthusiasm for cycling, more and more people are discovering the wonders

of bicycle touring. A cycling tour is a pleasure trip, which can last from one day to one year or

even longer, usually organized by a single or a group bikers.

A bicycle tour is an excellent opportunity to get fit, explore foreign places, meet new friends, and

rejuvenate yourself. It sounds exciting, right? However, embarking on a bicycle tour is not all fun

and games.  .....

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May Month Bike-Everywhere Events 

locally fulfilled by


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Trudy O'Grady's 2018 Tour in Vietnam

- story and video presented at 5/13/2019 SBC GM -


 Cycling World News

  and Curiosities


210 old bikes decorate the exterior of Pet Horstmann's Fahrradhof bike shop

Altlandsberg - Germany

From     D :

Ultra-endurance bicycle racer Lael Wilcox puts more miles on her bike every year than most people do on their cars. Here's how she trains for and rides some of the toughest races on earth.

Recent Ride Photos

    5/29/2018 - Tuesday Scenic Ride: CDA - Post Falls loop.
    Leader: Mary Ayers

 Ellen Peller Rides in GCC-USA
Fundrising To Fight Kids' Cancer



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Jennifer Calvert & Nancy Tressler: Bicycling On Katy Trail 

(presented in General Meeting, 3/13/17)

Jennifer Calvert & Georgia Krueger: Bicycling Along Danube River 

(presented in General Meeting, 3/13/17)

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