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Pick-Up Ride Leaders

In the October 17 Board Meeting, a motion was made and approved for the following:

a.  A Pick-Up Ride Leader has to be recommended by a Ride Leader Organizer in order to be covered       by club insurance.  The ride then will be posted on Meetup by the RLO.

b.  The Ride Pick-Up Leader will have to have verbally assented to the RLO that s/he has read the             Ride Leader Guidelines found on the website on the Ride Information tab, under the “Ride           

     Leaders”  subcategory. 

c.  A waiver will have to have been printed from this tab for all riders to sign and to be turned in by

     Pick-Up Ride Leader.

d.  Personal rides with other members/friends are not to be confused with club-led rides posted

     on Meetup.

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