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Club rides are currently being scheduled and managed on MEETUP.

For our current schedule - please visit:

Spokane Bicycle Club Meetup

Come Ride With Us!

The Spokane Bicycle Club is a recreational and social organization that promotes lifelong cycling 

for fun and health.

We pursue our mission through:

  • Organizing group rides that appeal to riders of various skill levels and covers a variety of terrains and distance
  • Organizing multi-day cycling tours
  • Advocating safe cycling through sponsoring and supporting cycle-positive events and activities

    as well as involvement in local, state, and national transportation and cycling organizations

  • Educating riders about safe, enjoyable local cycling routes
  • Educating members about cycling innovation, legislation, as well as showcasing cycling adventures and events through monthly meetings and a bimonthly newsletter
  • Providing social opportunities with fellow cyclists



     The Spokane Bicycle Club currently offers 7 regular group rides per week depending on weather conditions. You can find our rides and sign up on the Meetup app. You do not have to be a club member to join our rides but if you do enjoy our rides, we do encourage you to become a member.  

     Our regular ride schedule is as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning to afternoon for all cyclists. Friday mornings is a women's only ride. There is also a Thursday evening ride for all cyclists.

     Our rides vary in location, average speed, distance, and difficulty. While most rides are on paved surfaces, we do offer an occasional gravel ride which will be stated in the ride description on the Meetup post. Please make sure you read the individual ride description on every Meetup ride thoroughly to make sure it is appropriate for you. You are welcome to use any bike you wish even E-bikes as long as it is in good, safe working order. Helmets and signing of our waiver are required for all SBC rides. 

We look forward to cycling with you!!!


Indoor Cycling- Zwift Group Rides


We have been offering indoor cycling group rides on Zwift for a couple months now. If you haven’t ridden Zwift, it is just as much of a workout as the real road. Our rides are in a group format where as long as you pedal, you will stay with the group. We also use the Discord app so we can talk to each other in real time to help those that need technical assistance, help with passing the time on the bike, or just socializing. 

Our real road riding season has started so we are not offering as many regular Zwift rides. However, we do have Popup Zwift rides when weather or air quality prevents us from getting outside on the bike. We will get back to a regular Zwifting schedule next winter so you can keep your fitness through those months.

Zwift has been a great way to stay connected during the off season. Zwift is also a great way to stay in shape during those off months. It’s a great way to compliment rides during the season, and a great way to get “a quick ride” in. Honestly, Zwift is an excellent training tool.

If you would like more information, click the following link for complete instructions on how to join us on these rides. Zwift Instructions Link


Disclaimer:   The Spokane Bicycle Club makes no representations or warranties as to the difficulties or current conditions of the published routes and is not responsible for risks, damages or accidents which may occur as a result of bicycling on these or any other routes referred on the Spokane Bicycle Club website

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