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Ride Sign-up Sheet link
Ride Sign-up Sheet for Adults signing for minors: Link

Spokane Bicycle Club Ride Leader Guideline

  • All riders are required to sign the insurance waiver sheet (current form available on the website)
  • Offer map and cue sheet for route.

  • If more than the allowed number of riders show for the ride, divide the riders into two or more groups. Ask a volunteer to lead any additional group(s).

Preparing to Lead a Ride --Choosing a Route and Pace

  • There are maps available for common routes. Check with your ride coordinator or an experienced ride leader for suggestions.
  •  While new routes are always welcome, do not feel obligated to come up with a new idea for every ride you lead.
  • Save longer or more strenuous rides for mid- to late-season when riders have increased their conditioning.
  •  Make sure the route description is in accordance with current guidelines (see below) and is given or emailed to the ride coordinator before the stated deadline for inclusion in the club newsletter (there is no deadline for unscheduled pickup rides).

                                     Ride Description Format        (in Arial 11, please)











Map/cue sheet:

Weather cancellation:




                                  Explanation of Terms


Name:  Give your ride a name.
Start:  Time
Meet: List meet place; include address and cross street.
Pace:  List miles per hour on the level, NOT average speed.
Terrain:  Describe your ride in terms of ride conditions, i.e., flat, rolling hills, steep climbs, city, quiet country roads, etc.
Regroup:  State if you’ll regroup and how often.

Route: Give enough information for a person to have an idea of where they will be riding.

Eat:  Will it be snacks only or will there be a meal stop?

Map/cue sheet:  Will they be provided?

Weather cancellation:  State your policy.



rev. 5/09/2022


Preparation for Leading a Ride
  • It may be necessary to drive or ride your route to determine mileage, difficulty of terrain, and to check for possible road construction or other problems on the route.
  • Determine the regroup points.
  • Consider including community events such as fairs, art festivals, garden tours, etc. in your ride for variety.
  •  If there are no maps available for your chosen route, a hand drawn map or a cue sheet is better than none.
  •  If you find that you will be unable to lead a scheduled ride it is your responsibility to find a replacement leader.
Day of the Ride
  •  Arrive at least 15 minutes or more BEFORE the start time. The scheduled time of the ride is the START time.
  • Do not forget to bring a ride waiver/signup sheet and pen/pencil with you. It can be downloaded from the club website (under Rides Program/Ride leader) or provided by your ride coordinator.
  •  Introduce yourself and have riders introduce themselves--note new riders.  
  •  Provide your cell phone number.
  •  Ask all riders to sign ride sheet and include cell phone numbers (in case they need to be contacted during the ride); Be sure non-members sign.
  •  All riders must have helmets – no exceptions. They should be properly adjusted.
  • Ear buds or cell phone use not allowed on club rides while riding.
  • Ask for sweep and introduce to group. Rides are no drop. Note: We are getting letters of concern from new riders who are left behind, as well as leaders riding much faster than posted mph.
  • Outline route, mileage, known hazards, and pace.
  • Advise that you will be riding the posted pace. Faster riders can meet at regroup points if they know the route; otherwise they are on their own.
  • Provide map or cue sheet if available.
  •  Indicate regroup points, restroom stops, turnaround or snack/lunch stops (you may need to regroup more often to allow slower riders to catch up).
  • Remind riders to inform you if they leave the route for any reason.
  • Review safety rules with the group
  • Be alert at all times for cars, other bicyclists, and road hazards.
  • When stopping, move completely off the road or trail. 
  • Obey all traffic laws and “act like a car:” Stop at stop signs when there are other cars present, use                  hand signals and be predictable.  We represent the Spokane Bicycle Club. 
  • Use voice/arm signals to identify obstacles or debris, and to signal “car back,” runner up,” “slowing,”                “stopping,” “turning.”      
  • Pass only on the left and announce with “on your left” or ring bell.       
  • Do not ride two abreast or block the road when cars want to pass. 
  •  If the group is going to a restaurant during or at the end of the ride, ask the riders how many of them are planning to eat there. If possible, call the restaurant ahead of time to let them know how many guests there will be and approximately what time they will be expected.  
During the Ride
  • Set a pace that is within the parameters posted on the ride description          
  • If stronger riders decide to go faster than the posted pace, do not speed up to try to accommodate them. If they go ahead of the leader, they are on their own.
  • Set an example of safe and lawful riding. We are representing the Spokane Bicycle Club.
  • Alert riders in advance when a left turn from a multi-lane road is to be made so riders can position themselves properly.
  • Clearly signal when to “take the lane” when the lane is too narrow to safely ride on the right. At regroup points and at end of ride account for all riders. Thank them for coming on the ride.
  • If you observe unsafe riding, tactfully explain and that it endangers the rider and the group. If the unsafe riding persists, ask the rider to leave the group.  
  • Be sensitive to riders who may find the ride more challenging than expected. Encourage them as they ride and consider talking to them after the ride about their ride experience.  Use this as an opportunity to educate them about other ride groups that might be a good match for them.
After the Ride
  • Thank the riders for their participation.
  • Send the completed ride waiver/signup sheet to the Rides Coordinator, 
  • PO Box 8802
  • Spokane, WA 99203

Rev. 04/24/15

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